DEI Taskforce

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Physics

Charles Martin (he/him)

Lecturer |

As an educator, I feel it is my responsibility to create a safe and inclusive environment for student learning. By participating in the DEI committee, I can expand my impact beyond my classes to our department. Outside the school I enjoy doing puzzles and playing with my cats.

Esther Wertz (she/her)

Professor |

I love physics, cats, and dancing, and I am zealous about promoting equity in STEM.

Ethan Brown (he/him)

Associate Professor |

I want the next generation of scientists to work in a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. When I'm not working I'm usually on my farm surrounded by animals.

Humberto Terrones (he/him)

Professor |

I am passionate about multidisciplinary research, I enjoy reading, poetry, traveling, outdoor activities, and cooking.As a DEI task force member and Latino, I want to contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society which can build a better future for everybody.

Joseph Darryl Michael (he/him)

Lecturer |

I am involved in DEI as I feel strongly about minority groups being treated fairly in our society. In my free time, I am involved in various sporting activities.

Trevor Rhone (he/him)

Assistant Professor |

Kirsten McMichael (she/her)

Graduate Student |

I am very passionate about changing the culture in STEM so that everyone feels supported both when entering a field and throughout their careers no matter their background or identity. Outside of academia, I am an avid distance runner and coach cross country and track at Hudson Valley Community College.

Natasha Nigam (she/they)

Graduate Student |

I have always been passionate about supporting underrepresented groups, and being a part of the DEI Taskforce helps me to be able to do that. Outside of the physics department, I also love to write, draw, dance, and play the drums.

Akshay Bhat (they/them)

Undergraduate Student, President SPS |

As both a student and mentor at RPI, I am committed in both learning and teaching, and I would like to continue that with respect to DEI. In my free time, I'm usually cooking or watching video essays.

Deric Jones (he/him)

Graduate Student |

Being involved in SPS and teaching at RPI, I would like to commit to creating an open environment where everybody can learn and be successful, and feel comfortable socially and academically in our department. Outside of school, I love to hike, bike, and read.

Grace Tytus (she/her)

Astronomy MS Student, President WiP |

As an undergraduate student at RPI I became involved in the leadership of the Women in Physics group to provide a space for gender minority students in the department. In Spring 2021, the former WiP president and I came across a local college who had started a similar DEI task force, and escalated that idea to our club advisor and department head. This group was founded soon after and I am excited to now serve on this committee and help to support all students in our department. In my free time I enjoy being in nature or spending time with my two cats, Saturn and Pluto.

Maya Nambisan (she/her)

Undergraduate Student |

I joined DEI to become better equipped with the tools to push for more equality and diversity in STEM. Outside of the physics department I enjoy dancing, knitting, and scuba diving.